Webby Awards Internal Logos


Webby Podcast

We created the Webby Podcast to celebrate the amazing work created across the internet. The podcast gives winners and creators a chance to talk more about their projects in depth instead of the traditional 5-Word speech.


Webby Film Night - Online/Offline

A program created by The Webbys to showcase winners, nominees and honorees. We highlight some of the best of Film & Video and show our various audiences some of the best work of the year.


Webby for Good

The Webby for Good program was created for a partnership with WP Engine to showcase the power of the Internet in projects “Built to Change the World”. You can see the site and projects in the link above.


Webby Walks

Webby Walks is a social video series hosted by our Social Media Manager Jason Brickhill, hitting the NYC streets to introduce emerging tech, interview Internet superstars, and more!


Webbys April Fools

Every April fools we like to play a trick on our Webby community. Following suit with other major tech companies of the year we went the route of “rebranding” our company with the CEO’s vision in mind. Our new “logo” received tons of praise and congratulations even though it took one stroke on the Wacom.