21st Annual Webby Awards

For the 21st Annual Webby Awards our theme was “Internet or Die” the idea that the modern internet forces us to create truly original experiences, or be overlooked. We worked with LA based 3-d artist Steve Smith to create an animated embodiment of “The Internet”. The poster then served as the base for the marketing strategy of The Webby Awards.

Our poster beginning the 21st Annual season consisted of a Internet “machine” responsible for pumping out amazing new content. Our initial direction was multiple embodiments for each of our media types (e.g. Social, Mobile Sites, & Apps, etc) but time restrictions pushed the idea to one machine to be the ambassador.

“Internet” became the ambassador of the call for entries season. I used the multiple in progress versions of the machine throughout our marketing campaign.

Outside of the main campaign, community events and thought leadership programs we focus and highlight interesting and sometimes niche internet happenings. These were a series of graphics created for a series of editorial pieces created by our Editors Jordana and Nicole about the history Snopes fact checking site.

The team coordinated tentpole events to engage our community and talk about important topics and strategies for helping disadvantaged people using their strengths. Our tentpole series engages our community and creates a space to network with fellow creatives and create something that benefits the greater good.

Accompanying marketing materials for our tentpole events

From our dive into the yearly culture and focus of the internet we create a trend report to share with our community. Our white paper aims to help our community focus their strengths into creating for the future. I created the layout, & art style to reflect the content created by our research and editing team.

The trend report focused on 4 projects & companies who took a risk to complete a project and create buzz and further their brands. The 4 categories were: Financial, Technological, Cultural, & Creative risks.

Our team worked directly with the companies to explain the story behind the strategies used to inspire other creatives to take the risks needed to push the boundaries in their fields.

For the 21st Annual Webby Awards we wanted to refresh the look, feel, and functionality of the People’s Voice voting system. I rearranged our rite to streamline the site for responsive design and mobile focused interaction. Because of bandwidth restrictions in the office we worked with a Webby friend to further flesh out the design with our oversight.

Our main focus was giving each project a bit more space to breath and room to show the project, our previous version had a narrower image field and was difficult to rearrange for mobile. Working with the designer Jeff and I guided the design to our newest iteration of the voting site.

Using the updated focus on the rectangle & square I created the social campaign around tiles. The tile color pattern reflects the amount of projects up for vote during the People’s Voice campaign.

For the show we worked with California based artist and illustrator Rob Lowe aka Supermundane to create beautiful and intricate illustrations focused on the idea of “The Now Now”. The idea that everyone in that room has done amazing work, and while there was and is still a lot of things that need fighting for in world, this night was about the great work they accomplished. Celebrate, and unwind, and then get back to the fight tomorrow.

Supermundane created the large poster and provided the totem illustrations and I extrapolated that illustration into our show marketing strategy. The result was a bright, pop-y, and fun marketing campaign.

The illustrative style was continued throughout the show and events surrounding the big night.