20th Annual Webby Awards

After each show in May, the team regroups and looks forward to the new/next trend coming to the Internet. Simultaneously, Creative Director, Jeff Zemetis and I begin planning the idea for the Call for Entries for the next season. For the 20th Anniversary of the Webby Awards, we wanted to get 20 of the Internet’s giants to create their vision for the theme: The Internet Can’t Be Stopped. We worked with The Royal Studio again to create a festive geometric design for the information side of our posters and logo mark for the theme. The posters created by each company then served to drive the creative for the 20 Week entries period and they got to host our social media for a day during that week.

The informational side of the Call for Entry is usually a dense piece of print and we wanted to give some history from the past 20 years of the Webby Awards. Our initial 10 mailers (left side) were designed by Royals, they are known for bold illustration, geometric patterns and typography, which were on display here beautifully. For the last 10 designs we wanted a cleaner more informative version (right side) but retained the fun they introduced, I cleaned up the category side and aimed to have a strong template for future use.

We gave the companies a short brief, the logo lockup, and freedom to interpret the theme however they wanted. The range of posters varied and in some cases mirrored each other; all 20 are shown below, the two above are from MOTHER NYC (left) and Google (right).

Other partners included: Big Spaceship, Code & Theory, CP+B, Kinetic, Loducca, NASA

Other partners included: Forsman & Bodenfors, GIPHY, National Geographic, R/GA, VICE & my favorite from Big Spaceship.

The general information collateral used the theme, mark and bold colors, then week to week we used the creative sent by a partner.

The Webby Awards travels around the world giving the “Webby Talks,” a thought leadership presentation showing the trends of the year. We then condense the 40 minute presentation into a trend report that the companies we visit, and entrants, can download and examine to get an understanding of the trends, better push their technology and help to create for good.

For the 20th Annual Awards show, we again partnered with Royal Studio to refine the creative for the Show. We kept the same “The Internet Can’t Be Stopped” theme, but made it into a classier more unified design. We used the primary colors to create a bold color palette and dense type to give the creative some heft.

The initial design is repurposed into all social, advertisements, print and promotional materials.

A few photos of the invite package (top left), show signage (top right), The Red Carpet Step & Repeat (bottom left) and Awards stage, designed by David Korins, (bottom right). You can see more of the show and lead up on the Webby Flickr: Show photos, and Sunset Cocktails.