The 19th Annual Webby Awards was the first year that I joined the Webbys team. The position involves working on all creative that lives on the website, social, and Advertisements, as well as physical signage, screen assets, and show production. Along with making the creative for the entries campaign I helped oversee and direct the transition of the new Webby Awards website design. This included redesigning the newsletters and public voting system, The Webbys People’s Voice.

The 19th Annual Webby Awards Call for Entries poster. The images and type were created and chosen by Shannon Gibney, I used the artwork from this poster to create all messaging used throughout the “season.”

Using the imagery provided, I created an advertisement campaign that spans from Late September to Late January. I like to modify the look and feel as we go, so it doesn’t become stale.

The website was in need of an update to modernize the platform and match the quality of work being entered. We worked with Code & Theory to bring the Webby Awards site into the next generation with an intuitive backend, responsive design, and bold colors.

The bold design used on the main site was used to update the People’s Voice platform.

Updated newsletter using the new site style, old design on the right.

Working with CP+B & The Royals/Degrau we created a campaign for the show focused on our theme “Welcome to the Web Invented.” The illustrations focused on pillars of the internet (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc) recreated as machines being powered by humans. The bold color palette was accentuated with Pantone ink to make the invitations and posters “pop” in the room. I then took these machines and translated it into all ads, way signage and to the screens of the show.

A sampling of Ads and social assets created for the lead up to the big show.

The Webbys works with David Korins to create the stage based off of the theme and design for the year. You can see more show photos on the Webby Awards Flickr.