Freelance Logos


between. Branding

“Between was created after over a decade of being asked to connect the dots between potential collaborators, clients & creatives. Between culture, tech, & media. Between is part consultancy, part producer, part curator, part business development.” See the Site here


Hot Fun Comedy Group

Working with fellow designer Tim LaSalle we created a logo for a NYC based comedy/improv group working in west village. The logo was successfully used for 2 years as they performed various shows including the wildly popular “Hot Fun in the [Season]” series.


Hustle - Greenhouse Marketing Team

I created this logo for the internal marketing & sales team for Greenhouse recruiting agency. I used the circle configuration of the ‘greenhouse’ wordmarks ‘g’ and integrated the teams motto “HUSTLE” into the design.


Composition ID

The Composition ID logo was created in conjunction with DuPont Studio for a fitness and nutrition company. The mark reflects the individuality that each body can have and how this means a personalized fitness and nutrition regimen for each client.


Pebbles of Hope

Pebbles of Hope is a non-profit committed to helping premature babies around the world survive and thrive. In the process of their logo being created their initial designer had to focus on other matters. They needed help finalizing the logo, colors, and type. I worked on smoothing the “pebbles' and making the baby in arms a bit more apparent. I worked with them to achieve a soft color palette and typeface to finish their brand.


Girello Rebrand

A refreshed brand to a small Italian restaurant and bar in TriBeCa, NY. The rebrand was meant to reflect 1960 illustrative styles. A major influence being Disney classic, 101 Dalmatians. See the full brand here.



Karavan was a freelance project for a start-up business from NYU’s Entrepreneurship department. The focus was to create an online shopping platform that integrated social media by allowing users to take a commissions from any sales made on recommendation to friends.


Goodfund Logo

The Goodfund project was a sprint based project for a small event taking place in Brooklyn, NY. The project was restricted to achieving a “fun” design within 24 hours.



This brand was created for a small start-up focused on hand crafted luxury soap.


Russel Kentucky

This logo was created for a bid in helping the town of Russell, Kentucky rebrand their city. The mark mimics the shape of Kentucky state as well as Russell’s main bridge.