23rd Webby Awards

For the 23rd Annual Webby Awards our theme was “Everything you think is true” the idea that the Internet has fragmented our collective reality, and why that’s not (entirely) a bad thing.

Our idea revolved around the Munker Illusion, a single color becoming two different colors when combined with contrasting colors. Our friend Rob Trostle created the dark blue, light blue, yellow combination which when combined correctly created a sea foam green, and layout.

Using the original design I expanded our palette for the 3 entry dates.

Working with our long time partner Vitamin T we created a micro-site that contained our numerous projects we worked on over the years. The Career content hub was a directory for the information and resources created by Vitamin T and the Webby Awards. See the site here.

For our 4th and 5th season we wanted to focus more on our interviewees rather than the minimalist direction of the past 3 seasons (Season 4 on the left and season 5 on the right). Find all the seasons here and lookout for our new season coming this fall (2019)

We wanted to update our newsletter to focus more on the information. Our redesign focused on a more minimalistic approach that allows the content to be the star.

Continuing the design style from the previous year we wanted the 23rd Webbys to focus more on the winners and their excitement of the accomplishment. Using our updated colors and winner portraits (by amazing photographer James Hartley) we revolved our campaign around our community.

For the 23rd Annual Show we worked with Norwegian companies Bekk and Babusjkato create a dynamic, animated marketing campaign. The bright colors, miscellaneous elements, and typography, worked beautifully in motion as well as static graphics.

Our direction extended to the stage and lead to an amazing night for our winners and guests.